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This is about as clsoe to bottling the magic of our classroom as we can get. In its brick-and-mortar form, ARTifact is definitely a real-life creative clubhouse where real kids meet each week to explore our world through art and anthropology. This book is inspired by our hometown and our obsession with solving art mysteries.

...and this one is SOOOOO good.



Get your detective hats on! Join Landon, Sirena, and Wren as they retrace the footsteps of an art thief and navigate around the San Francisco Bay unearthing colorful clues. Then, bring the clues back to the drawing board and carefully restore the masterpiece to its original condition using the color-along illustration at the back of the book.


Written and illustrated in large print, making it easy for young readers to stay focused and follow along.


Illustrations printed in full color

5 Chapters

87 Pages

Age 6-9 
Printed in the United States

Masterwork Mystery: The Golden Gate Getaway