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*Please email us for all other inquiries


What is ARTifact's policy on weapon play?

Many parents and schools have contrasting views about how to address play with weapons. We define a weapon as anything used with the intention of hurting another person. Regardless of the family agreements made in your own home: at ARTifact, we don't do weapons - and neither do our students. All of us at ARTifact have yet to see compelling and scholastic research outlining the beneficial gain in the longterm developmental integrity of a child via the presence of weapons in a classroom. Generally, when weapon play is implemented in a classroom or elsewhere, we observe fear in our students even if there is an added component of thrill. There are many other--and far more beneficial--forms of thrill we can offer our students that result in a joyful, healthy environment for children. Creating art in a safe classroom is one of them. 

Why Can't I Pay Online/With Credit Card?

ARTifact is committed to education and to our community first. We prefer to put our money into the things and people that matter most: our students, our teachers, keeping our tutions affordable for everyone, and the quality of our teaching resources. By accepting online or credit card payments, thousands of dollars in valuable resources would be spent on transaction fees without making a direct, positive impact on learning. As such, we ask parents to support us in our payment policies and pay by check in a timely manner. By doing your part and paying on time by check, we are able to better serve your family and our community with greater benefit at less cost to you. It's a smart win-win for all.

What Age Does My Child Need to Be to Take Class?

Students must be at least 30 months old to participate in class. In addition, all students must be potty trained or in the process of being potty trained. ARTifact holds classes M-F for kids up to age 12.*After school students must be enrolled in a minimum grade level of KIndergarten and can attend until the age of 12. The recommended start age for this class is grade 1 or higher, as the classes are intensive and catered to our oldest students in the class.

Are Material Fees Included in Tuition?

Yes! All art materials are included in the price of class!

What are the Benefits of Taking Class at ARTifact?

Everyone is a creator. By helping children  imagine, conceptualize, and then implement an idea, the process of creating becomes enabling and empowering, no matter how big or small the idea. ARTifact is an environment where all people are free to discover and explore self-expression without judgement. 

Do You Offer Make-ups for Missed Days?

Our business is small and precious and each class has a unique peer dynamic. From the time you register for a seat at our table, we begin to prepare for your arrival and we reserve a chair just for you. Your space in class is reserved just for you whether you choose to attend class or not. In order to maintain the precious uniqueness of our small business, ARTifact cannot offer make-ups, credits, or refunds for missed days.  

What Do Kids Do at ARTifact?

ARTifact kids do what kids do best: make things! A typical ARTifact class includes a lesson in Art History and Anthropology, an exploration of mixed materials, time for creative exploration, and an investigation of a material object, work of art, or event that has shaped our world. This is not your typical paint-by-number class. We get excited about getting messy and we are endlessly curious about discovering the world around us -- and in exploring the ways our creativity can help shape a bright future.

What Should My Child Wear to Class?

While we appreciate fashion to the Nth degree--- this is the place to Dress for Mess. Children should wear comfortable clothes that allow them to get messy. Most of our mediums are washable but every mess-terpiece we make has an explorative component giving kids the chance to do art in ways they may not be allowed to outside our walls! We are huge fans of getting messy and that's 1/2 the fun. Some parents put their kids in the same "art clothes" for each class--we think reserving the experience for an old t-shirt or pants is a great idea.


*Please do not bring toys or accessories to class

What is Your Refund and Cancellation Policy?

 Once you have reserved a seat at our ART table, we begin working to prepare for your arrival!  Upon registering, a seat at our ART table is reserved exclusively for you, whether you choose to attend class or not. Because of this, seats are not transferable. A 50% refund will be issued if a seat is canceled 30 days before the start of a class, holiday camp, or semester. For Summer Camps, A 50% refund will be issued for camps canceled within 30 days or more before June 1st. No full refunds or credits of any kind. Sorry, no exceptions.  

COVID-19 Update: ARTifact was built on the foundation of a high quality educational program where the safety and care of children is paramount. During this unprecedented time, we do not believe it is in the best interest for us to carry out our programs in-person. This determination was made after receiving the mandates issued by the City and through further guidance from experts in the field. During this decision making process, we extended our refund period to ensure parents time to consider their options.

Are Your Teachers CPR and First Aid Certified?

Yes! In addition, our teachers have undergone the same requirements and background checks required before being able to work in the most prominent private Bay Area schools. In fact, our teachers are often invited by these schools to teach our ART enrichment programs directly on various school campuses throughout the year. These clearances include finger printing, TB testing, work history evaluations, and background checks. Our teachers are also exceptionally experienced with children, talented artists, and skilled teachers. All of our teachers are University degreed professionals who teach at ARTifact because they truly love our program's philosophy and the children who join us each week. In short, our teachers put the 'ART' in heART. We couldn't be more proud to spend our days with each and every one of them. 

Do You Host Birthday Parties?

Absolutely! We love a good party and we are incredible hosts! ARTifact hosts one birthday party per month either at our San Francisco or Corte Madera Location, so early bookings are encouraged. Because our studio is occupied by our students Monday-Friday, parties are generally scheduled for Saturdays or Sundays. We can accommodate weekdays only over holiday breaks and ARTifact closures. Both locations accommodate up to 12 students and parties are 2 hours long (plus a half hour set up and tear down window for parents wishing to come early or stay late). ARTifact provides all set up and clean up, project and art materials, and instruction. Parents provide any cake or food related items. If you'd like us to host your party, send us an email to check availability: 2019 party pricing: Basic Birthday Party $800 | Custom Birthday Party or Off-site party $950+

Does ARTifact Offer Scholarships or Financial Aid?

ARTifact is committed to our entire community and we wholeheartedly believe the work we do each and every day counts a whole lot toward building a bright future.That means making ART accessible for as many students as possible. While we cannot accommodate every request, we truly do try. Each year, ARTifact donates numerous seats to our community through the form of donations to non-profit organizations, schools, and children's programs. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship or need financial aid, please email us to receive a financial aid application form. 

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