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art classes for kids san francisco
art classes for kids san francisco
art classes for kids san francisco
art classes for kids san francisco

Terms and Conditions



Refunds and Cancellations
General Classes and Special Workshops
Please choose your seats thoughtfully. Once you have reserved a seat at our ART table, we begin preparing for your arrival! A reserved seat at our table is yours whether you choose to attend class or not. Seats which are reserved but unconfirmed/unpaid within 10 days following registration will be forfeit to a student on our wait list. Once you have reserved your seat, we begin preparing for your child's arrival to our camps and a seat at our table is reserved just for them. In order for us to maintain our great programs and run our small business, ARTifact cannot issue full refunds, transfers, credits, or prorates of any kind. A 50% refund will be issued if a seat is canceled 30 days before the start of a workshop/holiday camp/class or semester.  No full refunds, transfers, or credits of any kind. Sorry, no exceptions.  


ARTifact was built on the foundation of a high quality education program where the safety and care of children is paramount. We know you might need time to plan your Summer. We have expanded our refund policy to give families as much time as possible to consider their options.

-Register now, but pay later. Up to 10 days later! If you decide to cancel your seat during the 10 day grace period, no tuition is due but we would love a heads-up so we can give another camper the opportunity to join.

-Baked into tuition is a non-refundable $167/per child/per camp registration fee

-Camp tuition is 100% refundable if canceled more than 40 days before June 5 (minus the registration fee)

-Camp tuition is 50% refundable if canceled more than 30 days before June 5 (minus the registration fee)

-Camp tuition is nonrefundable if canceled less than 20 days before June 5

**It is always FREE to change like-for-like, from one camp to another (if there is availability). No price difference will be issued if a seat is transferred from a more expensive camp to a camp with a lower price. We will do our best to offer like-for-like transfers from one camp to another when possible, but availability is not guaranteed. If you can find someone to take your seat, we will offer a full refund after the seat-exchange is confirmed with the other party. 

Qualifying Students

Students must be 30 months of age or older and fully potty trained to participate in programs at ARTifact.  

Medical Terms

I authorize ARTifact, its owners, or employees to secure for the services of emergency transportation, a physician, and/or a hospital in the event of accident or illness. I will be responsible for payment of all services and payment of all such medical treatment. I authorize personal information needed for the treatment of my child to be released to medical/hospital personnel. The consent for treatment is in effect during any and all hours my child is participating in ARTifact classes/events, regardless of location of these events.

Release of Liability

I agree to release, waive, discharge, indemnify, save and hold harmless ARTifact, its directors, officers, employees, and agents from any loss, liability, damage, or cost they may incur due to my or my child(ren)'s presence in, upon, or about ARTifact's premises or in any way observing or using any facilities or equipment of ARTifact's , either during or outside assigned business hours, whether cause by the negligence of ARTifact or otherwise. I promise not to sue the entity or its owners, officers, agents, or employees. I accept there are potential risks and dangers inherently associated with art activities including but not limited to: sharp tools, metal tools such as those used for pottery, chemicals such as those in paints, hot glue guns, ingredients in materials that may be harmful if ingested in large quantities, and more. I accept full responsibility for any losses or damages to myself or my child(ren), however caused or alleged to be caused. I accept ARTifact does not offer refunds or make up classes unless initiated by ARTifact. Classes falling on holidays will not be prorated to reflect studio closure.

I agree to inform ARTifact of any changes to my child's health, allergies, or changes in behavior that may affect my child's ability to participate at ARTifact.

I understand that this waiver is intended to be as broad and as inclusive as permitted by the laws of the State of California and agree that if any portion is held invalid, the remainder of the waiver will continue in full legal force and effect.

Photos and Documentation

From time to time, kids may be photographed while in our sessions. Family members and their children may appear in public photos, instructional materials, on our website or other promotional or marketing materials. All photos are property of ARTifact Studio, LLC.

Solicitation of ARTifact Staff

I agree I will not solicit any staff member of ARTifact to accept, engage, or perform any work for myself or others whether as an employee or otherwise which involves work with children age 2.5-12 of the same or similar nature as those classes and activities provided by ARTifact. This includes without limitation, babysitting, private or group lessons, birthday parties, art instruction, and the like.

Bringing Items to Class

Please do not bring toys from home to class.

All Camps and Workshops will Take Place at ARTifact and Nearby Locations

All classes unless determined otherwise will begin and end at ARTifact (drop off and pick up; 2803 Greenwich St. in San Francisco or 121 Corte Madera Ave in Corte Madera). Components of each camp will take place off-site. Some San Francisco classes will take regular trips to the Presidio, George Lucas Studio, Cow Hollow Playground, Palace of Fine Arts, or Chrissy Field. Some Corte Madera classes will take regular trips to Old Corte Madera playground and Old Corte Madera Square/the white gazebo).All policies listed in the Registration Form (ie: liability and medical) apply during camp hours regardless of location. Children will walk to all locations. Trips outside of the classroom are determined based on curriculum and weather conditions.

Copyright and Use of Images or Text

All images and text created by ARTifact is property of ARTifact and protected by copyright laws. This includes but is not limited to all published web content, fliers, newsletters, curriculum, promotional and marketing materials, letterhead, books, slogans, and logos. Use of ARTifact's text or images for any reason and in any format without permission by ARTifact will result in legal action to the full extent of the law.


ARTifact has the right to amend, change, or modify these conditions at any time.


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