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Our Vehicle is ART

Choose Your Adventure!

ARTifact Studio Art Classes San Francisco
To access the video content, choose your adventure below! When prompted, enter the password in your ART box! You're IN!
How It Works
1. We've taken the guesswork out of "what do I do now?!" Choose your adventure, click-to-order, and consider it done. 

We get it. You work hard and kids play hard. Chaos does not equal creativity. Materials and projects are designed to be used at home. Easy set up and clean up. When class is done for the day, remaining materials fit back into the box keeping your personal space tidy and organized...and the "mess-terpieces" contained.
2.We'll provide a complete box of curated content, curriculum, AND art materials delivered
(...Mind explode, right?!)
Inside each virtual adventure room, students have access to recorded episodes to be used in tandem with their ART kit. 
3. All you need to do when your box arrives is open it, put your apron on, and push play. Just like a cooking show, our recorded art-based content will guide your kids through episodes of artful adventure.
Concentrated learning packed with the goodness of: quirky, funny, and avant-garde originality is what we've specialized in for over a decade. 

Now I get why my daughter is obsessed with your classes. Being able to join her for virtual class has been SO. MUCH. FUN.

Thank you!

Make more

of these

NOW. Please.

This is the highlight of

our week!


Today’s episode was incredible! The way you weave the storyline into these projects is just so fun!

Our son had an AWEOSME time. You all have done a wonderful job adjusting to the current climate.

Thank you!!! 

 I had to reach out and give you a massive appreciation for these boxes. My boys have been entranced for the last three afternoons. We are savoring every moment!

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