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Shelter in Place

More than anything, we love sharing a seat with you at our table.
During the enforcement of State and County Mandated SIP policies, all ARTifact Summer Camps will be held on a flexible platform: in class or online. Like our students, we wish upon every star to return to our magical classroom. We miss the 'good old days' but understand that times have changed and we, too, must change to keep our community of families safe. We trust the State and our County health department to determine when it will be the right time to reopen our doors or on what platform our camps will operate. During this time of uncertainty, our heARTs have remained full on the continued belief that what we have all worked hard to build at ARTifact has a significant and meaningful place in this new world and beyond our four walls. ART is an essential tool for our community. Our programming allows children to have a designated time each week reserved just for them: to learn, explore, create, and process. Our teachers have remained committed, dedicated, and steady for our children. Our students are mighty. Our paintbrushes are ready. Creativity cannot be caged. This Summer, we're on a mission to paint an ART-ernate reality that's hands down magical.
Q: Are you serious?
A: Mark our heARTs. Nothing will rain out our pARTy.
Stick with us. We've got a vision, a mission, and ambition...we might also have a few (non-rhyming) tricks up our sleeve...
Here's What We Have to Look Forward To:
  • We have created a flexible platform that includes the same projects, enrichment content, teachers and small class sizes regardless of whether class is held in person or at home
  • Each student will receive their own mobile box filled with a whole week of curated materials to take with them wherever you are Sheltering in Place OR for use in our classroom when we are able to reopen. If the State decides to adjust the SIP orders at any point during Summer, our mobile art kits and curriculum are ready.
  • If required, a modified, shorter daily schedule (for online class) and more information will be sent as SIP unfolds.
  • To maintain our very small class sizes, please choose your seat thoughtfully and with our offering of a flexible camp platform (virtual, in person, or a combination of both) that is yet to be determined in mind.
-Peace, Love, ART-
All of us

 June 8-12 | June 15-19

  • Venetian Mask Camp | 9-1:00PM  

Age 6-11

Let's transport ourselves back in time and partake in a centuries-old tradition of Venice, Italy. Originally worn as a way to conceal a person's identity and social status, these highly elaborate decorative masks were worn by both men and women. Whether created for costume or display, Venetian masks represent both a work of art and a way of life. Through symbolism, function, display of ornament and expression, each guest will use the techniques of the masters to create a mask representative of how they want to be viewed by others - and how they view themselves.


June 22-26 | June 29- July 3 | July 6-10 

  • Frozen Camp| 9-1:00PM

Age 3-6 

Sven is itching to be a grownup with a real job. He dreams of traveling the world until he finds a place where nobody tells him what time he needs to go to bed or comb his fur. He's well on his way to making his dreams come true when he decides to get an easy breezy summer job delivering packages to customers around the world (if Rudolph can do it at peak season, why can't Sven do it in...well...not-so-peak season?!). But when Sven accidentally drops a package at our classroom door instead of its intended destination (Arendelle) the magic of Frozen begins to unfold. Each day, a new box arrives at our studio with a new challenge to create and celebrate our best life - no matter where we are or what the seasons bring!


July 13-17 | July 20-24 | July 27-31

  • Mary Poppins Returns | 9-1:00PM  

Age 3-6

The day's a'dawning and the winds are changing at 17 Cherry Tree Lane. If the weathervane is correct (#weathervanesneverlie) we all know what that means. Last year's Mary Poppins camp was pretty awesome. But there were a few disappointed faces when those magical, dancing penguins that wear bowties and carry fancy platters with lids didn't show up before the horse races. But, like Mary Poppins said: well begun is half done... and we were just getting started. Not ready to grow up? Neither are we. Join us at the Queen's table to celebrate Mary's forever birthday. We'll make ourselves an everlasting cupcake that never spoils, never soils, and will last 100 years (so on the days that aren't so cheery, we can take it off the shelf, pop in a candle, and relive this terrific day over and over again - even when camp is done)! Fly kites with us by day and help us sew the stars back into the sky at night. Join us for all NEW projects in a camp brought back by popular demand! 


August 3-7 

  • Design Your Own Sports Arena | 9-1pm

Age 6-12

A state of the art Quidditch arena? A wave pool that rivals Kelly Slater's. Rebuild the Sutro baths or design a swimming pool for dolphins and crawl-strokers alike. How would you improve upon the Warriors Stadium? You know the ins and outs of your favorite sport. Now is your chance to build a model stadium fit for you, your teammates, and your fans. Add in solar lighting. Or maybe your stadium runs on another source of power. In this camp, students will consider their environment and the ways buildings are constructed with sport-specific (and geographic) conditions in mind. Each student will construct their own model arena using paster, found objects, cardboard, wire, and miniatures. At the end of the week, students will be able to bring their model arena home.​


August 3-7 | August 10-14 | August 17-21

  • Little Monsters | 2-5:00 PM  *This is an afternoon Camp 

Age 3-6

Calling all Monsters!! Calling all Monsters!! How do monsters paint? Not with a paint brush. They use their feet! How do Monsters have manners at the art table? They tear their paper with their big claws and roooooar as they throw it like confetti into the air. Usually, monsters are not allowed into our classroom (we're civilized creatures of creativity), but sometimes we just gotta let loose because...well... monsters are messy and being monsters is FUN. Join us as we have a monster of a good time making MESS-terpieces you shouldn't try at home (but will look nice on your wall)! Students in this class should definitely dress for mess every day of the week. Water balloons, shmatter balloons. We're going for paint soaked sponge balls. With this in mind, please pack an old towel for your child to use during our outdoor play. 


 August 10-14 | 17-21

  • Skateboard Design Camp | 9-1:00PM

Age 6-12

In many urban cities, there exists a zero-tolerance sentiment toward skateboarding. But newly designed skateparks popping up all over the world (London, Edinburg, the Bay Area) have challenged this stance. Before there were skateparks, people created their own pockets of play: London's Southbank has grown organically since the 1970's. Akin to skateboarders, graffiti artists have always found ways to take over abandoned or forgotten spaces and transformed them into reactionary places. Inspired by Shepard Fairey (Skateboarder, creator of OBEY, and the artist behind the iconic Obama campaign posters), we will examine the ways skateboarding and graffiti go hand in hand. Each student will design their own custom skateboard deck--to rip and ride or to hang as art in the home, logo decals, and a skate hat inspired by their own custom artwork meant to inspire our neighborhood and transform our public spaces. 


August 24-28

  • Little Van Gogh | 9-1:00PM 

Age 4-6

In a yellow house in Arles, France, Van Gogh waited anxiously for a visit from his friend and fellow artist, Paul Gauguin. In preparation for Gauguin's visit, Van Gogh filled the Yellow House with his own decorative paintings of Sunflowers meant to impress his friend and welcome Gauguin to his home. Join ARTifact in celebrating the story behind Van Gogh's famous paintings of Sunflowers (originally titled, Tournesols) as we create our own original and individual large paintings (acrylic on canvas board) meant to bring joy and welcomeness to those who visit our own homes. A great project to frame and display.




  • Bring a bag lunch to all 9-1:00 camps and a snack to all 2-5:00 camps


  • Help us protect students with allergies by keeping in mind we are a NUT FREE facility!


  • Dress for mess and wear comfortable shoes and outdoor gear for walking to our neighboring play gounds and parks


  • Apply sunscreen before arriving to camp


  • Do not bring toys from home to camp


  • All ARTifact camps begin and end at ARTifact San Francisco (2803 Greenwich St)

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