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 June 10-14 | June 17-21 |June 24-28

  • Iris Apfel Fashion Week | 9AM-1PM  

Age 5.5-11

Don't let her black, thick-rimmed glasses fool you. Iris Apfel is 97 years young and can see fashion just fine. (Scroll up...that's her photobombing the top picture on our registration page). From giant jewels and fringe to patterns akin to that funky retro wallpaper you can still remember from your grandma's living room (but classy...not tawdry...) Iris Apfel has it going on BIG time. She's been an interior designer to NINE presidential White House families (including Mrs. Kennedy), a textile entrepreneur, author, the subject of a documentary, and a woman-turned-fashion-icon (wayyy before the days of Instagram). In 2005, the MET showcased Apfel's fashion sense by exhibiting her collection of vintage designer clothing. In 2016, she was awarded the Women's Entrepreneurship Day Pioneer Award for her work in the fashion industry. Is she, herself, a fashion designer? If the saying is true: "the clothes don't make the person...the person makes the clothes"... her wholly artistic choice in wardrobe arrangement makes her just that. Either way, Iris has us inspired to design to infinity and beyond. During this camp, we will be exploring the iconography of this famous fashionista while creating an entire outfit ready-to-wear home on the last day (headwear, jewelry, a pullover or cardigan top, and socks). 


July 1-5  | July 8-12 | July 15-19

  • Keepers of the Peace: Star Wars IV | 9-1:00PM

Age 3-6   YES! We are OPEN on 4th of July!

Four years in, we just can't get enough! After overwhelming parent (and child!) request, Star Wars is back with all NEW projects. Whether you're joining us for the first time (or the fourth!) gear up and get ready tackle new missions, solve new challenges, create new projects, and go on new adventures to galaxies far, far away. Last year, our Padawan were faced with the challenge of saving a crumbling galaxy: the ice on Hoth was melting, the Wookies of Kashyyk needed food, Garbage was littering Tatooine. With no shared solution in sight, the galaxy's creatures were on shaky ground. Sounds a lot like our own planet. With the help of our classroom droid, ART2D2, our Padawan's efforts to unite the galaxy in a round of Galactic Games and their planting of a 'Peas of Peace' garden to feed the Wookies, won them recognition by Lucasfilm. While the violent aspects of Star Wars are often highlighted in our society, we want to expand upon our mission of Peace; a force of light and sentiment in Star Wars that far outshines the Dark (but is often overlooked by popular culture). This Summer, we are reminded that all Jedi have courage and compassion toward all living things in the galaxy....even when we are challenged to befriend our darkest enemies.


July 22-26 | July 29-Aug 2

  • Mary Poppins Wonderland | 9-1:00PM  

Age 3-6

Everything seems practically perfect in every way when Mary Poppins pays a visit to San Francisco. But when she accidentally forgets her carpet bag, magic begins to unfold in surprising ways! Join us in creating a jolly holiday as we build our own instruments and march to our own big brass band! Take a stroll through our sidewalk chalk wonderland as we paint the town. Mint your own "Tuppence" (two pence), feed the birds, race on broomstick horses! And since the world is our canvas, why not discover what happens when we add (you guessed it!) just a spoonful of sugar to the colors we paint it with. 


July 22-26 | July 29-Aug 2

  • Anime and Manga | 2-5:00PM  

Age 6-12

Students and parents asked, and we listened! Back by popular demand, this camp brings our love for Japanese characters like Sailor Moon and Pokemon to life with a curriculum created in house by our teachers (who might possibly be the biggest anime fans of all time). Join us as we explore a style of Japanese animation loved by kids and adults alike! Create your own Manga (Japanese style comic book), an original anime portrait, and get to know the stories behind some of the most well known anime characters. *Please note: this camp begins at 2pm.


August 5-9 | August 12-16

  • Mystical Creatures | 9-1:00PM  

Age 3-6

When three pirates set sail on the wild and stormy seas in search of treasure, they discover something even more exciting: a new species of sea creature. The only problem is, they can't seem to agree on what they found...or what to call it? Help us piece together the clues and create our own interpretation of this mystical creature. And...wait a minute... (pause for an emergency) who is calling our banana phone?! ..."well hello, Color Dragons! You need our help?" Join us as we ponder and explore important life questions: Is it possible to be a mermaid and a the same time? Be a paleontologist for a day and help us figure out what's going on with this pile of bones... and then figure out how to put them together...are you sure those are claws and not ribs? #prettysureImnotsure 


 August 19-23| August 26-30

  • Skateboard and Graffiti Camp | 9-1:00PM  

Age 5.5-12

In many urban cities, there exists a zero-tolerance sentiment toward skateboarding and graffiti. But newly designed skateparks popping up all over the world (London, Edinburg, the Bay Area) have challenged this stance. Before there were skateparks, people created their own pockets of play: London's Southbank has grown organically since the 1970's. Akin to skateboarders, graffiti artists have always found ways to take over abandoned or forgotten spaces and transformed them into reactionary places. Inspired by Shepard Fairey (Skateboarder, creator of OBEY, and the artist behind the iconic Obama campaign posters), we will examine the ways skateboarding and graffiti go hand in hand. Each student will design their own custom skateboard deck--to rip and ride or to hang as art in the home, a custom logo decal, and (using special, non-toxic and washable spray paints), try their hand at creating street art meant to inspire our neighborhood and transform our public spaces. 


August 19-23|August 26-30

  • ART Extravaganza (Mini 'Mess'terpieces) | 2-5:00 PM  

Age 3-6

Can't get enough ART? Neither can we! We love creating and we love doing it with you. This camp is for the young ARTist who wants all things ARTifact packed into 5 awesome days - from sensory and imaginative play to messterpieces galore. This camp is also ideal for new students who want to just explore and let loose and get comfortable with our space and our teachers for the first time, or students who will be moving onto Kindergarten and want to have one last hoorah with us at our table. *Please note: this camp begins at 2pm.




  • Bring a bag lunch to all 9-1:00 camps and a snack to all 2-5:00 camps


  • Help us protect students with allergies by keeping in mind we are a NUT FREE facility!


  • Dress for mess and wear comfortable shoes and outdoor gear for walking to our neighboring play gounds and parks


  • Apply sunscreen before arriving to camp


  • Do not bring toys from home to camp


  • All ARTifact camps begin and end at ARTifact San Francisco (2803 Greenwich St)

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