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One magical storyline told through 5 recorded episodes of Halloween make-and-create content. As each episode unfolds, the included box of ART materials are woven into the storyline to help you create the Spookiest house on the block. With all the magic of Halloween, we couldn’t say no to all the sparkly spiders, witch broom props, and accessories - this box is FULL. The episode content is entertaining for adults and kids alike. All materials to create your own Halloween Haven is included and shipped straight to your door, our treat! Recorded content will appear in your inbox after your materials have shipped.


Storyline synopsis:

October starts out innocently enough when our friends invite us to help them find the perfect place to live: a cozy home on the top of the hill. All it needs is a fresh coat of paint. But as we begin to repaint the walls and get ready to move in, it's clear this isn't just any home. It's a home filled with wonderful magic and mystery. Best of all, YOU get to be the designer. From repainting the floorboards (wait a minute, did the walls just say "orange" or was that a phonetic creak??!) to cooking the most magical meal for our first dinner guests (I will actually walk you through the real edible recipe to make your pasta change colors while you're eating), this box is packed full of creative curiosities just waiting to be made into something Owwwwwwww-some (...sorry about the howl...I'm just practicing for that full moon happening on Oct 31st...)


Suggested age: 7-12 


ARTifact Halloween Haven on Pumpkin Lane

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  • What's Included:

    Step-by-Step ART instruction woven into a fantastic Halloween storyline taught through 5 recorded episodes of ARTful adventure you can watch and watch again!

    2 Full size acrylic paints (one dark grey,  one bright orange)

    Paint Brush

    Canvas Board (8x10)

    1 Package paintable air dry clay to create your own spooky props

    ARTifact custom sticker sheet designed for a classic twist on popular Halloween icons

    A bag of magic accessories: miniature witch's broom, textured pumpkins, sparkly spider, crystal gems, and more!

    1 large-fleck orange glitter glue

    1 keepsake quality papier mache house

    1 long lasting, realistic looking (battery already included) votive candle

    Materials are packaged and shipped in a durable ARTbox for easy storage in between episodes and to safely protect your finished keepsake for Halloweens to come!

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  • Shipping is our treat, anywhere in the world! Pre-order sales (Sales before October 1) will ship on October 5th.