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A dinner party game that is so fun, you'll want to be seated at the Kids' Table.

Traveling for the holiday? No worries!

  • This game is TSA approved and travel ready!
  • Be sure to pack 2! This is a great gift to give the dinner host! 
  • Neatly packed so you can store it and play it again, year after year! (At ARTifact, this game is part of a 13 year tradition!)


This product is also available to buy in person at our studio pop-up shop. You can stop by ARTifact's brick-and-mortar any time we are open and self-purchse it from our store shelf! (2803 Greenwich St)



Game Theme:

It's time to dig into Thanksgiving dinner! Everyone is seated but there is still one vacant chair. Is that a knock at the door? Who could be joining us this late? Using the clues on the cards, can you draw the mystery Thanksgiving guest?


Kit includes:

Pencil sharpener

1 set of ARTifact's signature mini colored pencils

Descriptive playing cards

Drawing Pad

Game Instructions


*Additional colored pencils sets can be purchased from our website. These colored pencils make a great table setting gift for each guest! 

Drawing Adventure Kit