Our Vehicle is ART

And we're headed to YOU!

Did somebody order take-out?! For years we've been cooking up creativity and serving our community a hearty helping of ART and anthropology. While we aren't actually a cooking class (we make ART!), we're liking the metaphor. What's the 'secret sauce' that makes our program great? ARTifact offers concentrated creativity served up in bite-size, digestible courses. 

How It Works
ARTifact remains committed to sharing our same enrichment programming in the safest and most dynamic way for all of our students and members of our community. 
Recorded content does not mean we're going short on fun. Concentrated learning packed with the goodness of: quirky, funny, and avant-garde originality is what we've specialized in for over a decade. 
We've taken the guesswork out of "what do I do now?!" Choose your adventure, click-to-order, and consider it done. 
We'll provide a complete box of curated content, curriculum, AND art materials 
Delivered.Straight.To.Your.Door. (...Mind explode, right?!)
Materials and projects are designed to be used at home. We get it. You work hard and kids play hard. Chaos does not equal creativity. Our projects are designed for easy set up and clean up.
When class is done for the day, remaining materials fit back into the box keeping your personal space tidy and organized...and the "mess-terpieces" contained.
All you need to do when your box arrives is open it, put your apron on, and push play. Just like a cooking show, our recorded art-based content will guide your kids (and you!) through five days of artful adventure. Grown ups: we'll also make sure you have all the tools you need to take on the role of Sous-chef...ahem, we mean...art-teacher-in-residence! 
No More Starving ARTists.
Let's get this pARTy started.
Designed to allow for a flexible teaching/learning schedule. Includes 5 projects and instructional videos divided into 5 separate recordings. Complete one project per day for an entire week or stretch the projects out and aim for one day per week of ART.
Price Per Kit:
2 kits- $160 ($16/day per child, all materials included)
6 kits- $450 ($15/day per child, all materials included)
12 kits--$800 ($13/day per child, all materials included)
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