Monet Made Modern

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Creating a Small Piece of a Bigger Picture:

It's been slightly over two years since the seeds of this project were planted. Our original plan for this show consisted of 16' giant canvases covering our walls from floor to ceiling. Our after school students were set to step inside Monet's shoes, time warp him into 2020, and fill our room with impressions of what a Modern Monet might look like. In considering this, we examined the most invasive species of our time (scientific name:Polyethylene Disambiguation;

code name: plastic) and asked ourselves: if confronted by this beast while painting a naturescape, what should an Impressionist do? 

Taking two years to think about (and 6 weeks to create) a single artistic vision is nothing compared to the near 40 years Monet simultaneously did both of  those things as he built his ultimate masterpiece: his gardens in Giverny. While paintings are his most famous form of art, they are merely a secondary (albeit more permanent) version of his masterful landscape artistry. 


We called our TK and preschool students to action to use their power as painters to curate Monet's pond piece by piece. The floor, our original stage for restoration, suddenly became 8x10 canvases as we quickly transformed from classroom to Shelter-in-place. Our students' careful consideration of shape, color, and perspective parallel the thoughts Monet himself might have had as he chose the elements that created the living muse of his subsequent paintings. 

A very special thank you to Elizabeth Murray (Artist, author, speaker) who spent three decades studying Monet's gardens. All of us are so grateful for your willingness to share your expertise, knowledge, photographs, videos, and encouragement. 

...And to parents:

Thank you for being the camera operator, Zoom navigator, paint spill Zamboni...and for holding space for us as the process of art unfolded in your kitchen, dining room, home, on your walls, in our hearts, and beyond. You have made this magic possible. 

Peace, love, ART,

All of us at ARTifact

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Monet's ' Très Chic Pond'

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