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Join Our Team!


San Francisco loves its unicorns.

We love our horse barn--->turned hair salon---> turned wildly creative clubhouse for kids. Our story is (sort of) Unicorn, but better and still evolving. Wait 'til you see what we're turning into next!


We've got:


good people


...And We're Looking to Grow Our Team!


Operations Manager

Stated simply, we need a wing-person. A pegasus. This is a great full-time job for someone with dual nanny + family assistant experience, or something similar. ARTifact is our home, and the kids are undoubtedly our heART. Making and creating a world with them is what gets us up every day. Time would be split between supporting our children in person inside our classroom and helping us build out our next chapter.

Volunteers and Test Pilots

Your turn to teach an activity at your child's school? Want to be at our table, but we're just too many oceans/bridge tolls/lightyears away to make it work? Just need a straightforward win for the day? Enter stage right: Our most loved lessons and materials ready when you are, simplified right down to the box it's packed in. We are still in the pilot stage of this, so we're looking for parents with children age 3-6 who already know and love our program to test out some of our prototypes. 


Someone who has a knack for transforming out-of-the-box concepts into creative products and partnerships. For over a decade, ARTifact has been spinning wildly clever content. We’d like to see what happens when we take the avant-garde to market. If you can appreciate pineapple on pizza or Snickers with pickles, you’re on our wavelength. We love when our ideas shift the paradigm.

Don’t see your dream position?

We’d still love to hear from you!

Send us a message and let us know what you'd like to do at ARTifact!

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