ARTifact is committed to the safety and wellbeing of our community. All our instructors are fully vaccinated and adhere to all CDC guidelines + local mandates for students and staff. 

Preschool and TK
Fall: Sept 6-Dec 16


TK 4-5's

Mon 9:15-12 (WAITLIST ONLY) ($1377)

Fri 9:30-12:00 (Reserved private group) 

Mix Preschool and TK 3.5-4.5's

Wed 1:30-3:30 (WAITLIST ONLY) ($990)

Preschool 2.5-3's

Tue 10:15-1:15 ($1377) 

*For all classes please pack:

-Lunch or snack

-Water bottle

-Dress in layers/comfortable shoes


*We recommend dressing in clothes that can get messy and arriving with sunscreen already applied.

ARTifact Preschool classes combine sensory play and art history with the goal of kindergarten readiness always in mind. Classes last anywhere between two to three hours and cover topics such as Shakespeare's First Folio, ancient Egypt, and Jackson Pollock. Preschoolers can expect to start off their day at ARTifact with a messy educational activity designed to strengthen creative thinking and get us into our artistic headspace. Mess-terpieces are paired with longer term projects relating to material anthropology designed to engage and educate young minds about the world around us.

K - Age 12
Fall: Sept 6-Dec 16


Class Times

Mondays 3:30-5 (WAITLIST ONLY)

Tuesdays 3:30-5 (WAITLIST ONLY)

Wednesdays 4-5:30 (age 8-12)

Thursday 4-5:30 (Age K-10)


ARTifact classes are the perfect mesh of creativity, anthropology, and imagination. Our curriculum is one hundred percent original and created in-house covering topics ranging from biomimicry to Pointillism. While our educational component is certainly attractive to parents, what keeps kids coming back is our ARTifact community. Each 1.5 hour small group class allows for an intimate environment where kids are encouraged to use material objects as a vehicle to interpret the world around them, explore their creative side, and be themselves.

Team Building for Grown Ups

Your kingdom for a horse, you say? Ok, we get it: you would give anything to take a break from the corporate world and just be a kid again.

Let us riddle you this:

There is a place that exists where you get to relive your past while sitting in the same tiny chairs as our Future.

Invite 8 guests of honor to step inside our creative kingdom for the special occasion of: being a kid again.

We'll guide you through your own Preschool+ART-simulation session.

Groups are welcome to reserve their session when our children are not in class. 

Inquire Here

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Payment and Cancellation Policy

  • To confirm your seat, please send tuition by check to ARTifact within 10 days of registering. Seats that are unpaid after 10 days will be cancelled. 

  • It is always free to transfer your seat to another class with availability. 

  • Baked into tuition is a non-refundable $167/per child registration fee.

  • Tuition is 100% refundable if canceled >50 days before the start of semester, minus the registration fee

  • Tuition is 50% refundable if canceled >30 days before the start of semester, minus the registration fee

  • Tuition is nonrefundable if canceled less than <29 days before the start of semester

  • All private events require 50% non-refundable payment at time of booking, full payment is due 30 days before event

Last Day to Receive a Refund:

FALL Semester (Begins Sept 6)                                        

 100% Refund:  July 18, 2022                                           

50% Refund: August 7, 2022                                             

No Refund:     August 8, 2022                                            

art-and-craft-3523450_1280 2.png
art-and-craft-3523450_1280 2.png