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Since 2010, ARTifact has been a creative

clubhouse for more than 4,000 children in our community.


It's about more than painting and making crafty things.

 Our curriculum is original and created in-house, inspired by the world around us. We are inspired by things like: Superhero colors, Shakespeare's First Folio, flowers made of glass, biomimicry, neon signs, ancient Egypt, a silent symphony, the smell of pizza, Pointillism, time travel, and tape. Most of all, we are inspired by each other and the artists who have changed the world, in all the ways above...and beyond... through their art.

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ARTifact® in our Community

art classes kids san francisco
art classes for kids san francisco
CBS SF Bay Area
art classes kids san francisco brit+co
art classes for kids san francisco children of shelters
art classes kids san francisco de Young
de Young - Fine Arts museums of San Francisco
America's Cup Art for Kids
ART Classes Kids San Francisco
Art Kids Corte Madera and san Francisco
Art Lessons Corte Madera and San Francisco

ARTifact on display at the deYoung
February 2016
 Happy 95th birthday, Wayne Thiebaud! ARTifact students collaborate with the deYoung to honor the life and work of Wayne Thiebaud. 

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art kids san francisco
Best Kid Classes San Francisco
art classes kids san francisco
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