Art Classes kids San Francisco
Art Classes children San Francisco

The kind of Dream where square people and  wellrounded people sit together at the same table

And Above All,

Creativity could run wild

Art Classes San Francisco Kids
Art Classes San Francisco Kids
Art classes kids san francisco

Once Upon 2010

in San Francisco


8 Creative kids


Welcome to ARTifact®

" It's about more than painting and making crafty things

ARTifact is about meeting our world

through ART and the Humanities.

It's about sharing our ideas. Honoring our unique selves. Finding versatile ways to communicate with friends. Making discoveries. And heart connections. Being active learners, explorers, and teachers. At every age. Inventing. Innovating. Collaborating. Celebrating and creating the world we share.


That's what ARTifact is all about." 


Founder | ARTifact


TIFFAN-Board of Directors

Perpich | USF | Harvard

ARTifact, "Atlas and the PEACE of Cake" Sharjah Children Biennial, UAE, 2016

Peace Love Artifact

Praise for ARTifact®

ARTifact is committed to art and our community. All our curriculum is original and created in-house, inspired by the world around us. We are inspired by things like: Superhero colors, Shakespeare's First Folio, flowers made of glass, biomimicry, neon signs, ancient Egypt, a silent symphony, the smell of pizza, Pointillism, time travel, and tape. Most of all, we are inspired by each other and the artists who have changed the world, in all the ways above...and beyond... through their art.



"When it comes to children, Lauren is one of the most innovative thinkers in the Bay Area. Whether it's through exploration in fantasy, materials, or expression, children who spend their days with Lauren learn their strengths and are challenged to go beyond what they ever imagined they could do..."

-Alyce Desrosiers

LCSW, Childcare Specialist


"ARTifact's creativity inspires children and adults to see the world with limitless potential. Their unique approach to using everyday objects and combining structure with FUN makes their art classes something not-to-be missed!"


-Stephanie Haren, M.S., MSW

Children's Council of San Francisco



art classes for kids san francisco

"Lauren is the most imaginative teacher my daughter has ever had.  She is whimsical, warm, intelligent and bursting with energy.  Kids gravitate to her like bees to honey. I think they instinctively know her love for and interest in them is genuine."




-Ted DeGrazia Foundation

Tucson, Arizona

"...what you're doing with the children is wonderful. It's part of our challenge to introduce the next generation to art. If we fail in doing this, DeGrazia will just slowly fade from memory. That would be a crime."



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America's Cup Art for Kids
art classes kids san francisco
ART Classes Kids San Francisco

"I can't begin to tell you how much (my daughter) is enjoying her art classes. She is so proud of the work she brings home. I might have mentioned to you already some months ago, in the course of conversation over lunch, (my daughter) informed me that our wood dining table is opaque. What a great little word for her to know at 4 :) What she explained to me today however trumps everything, using big words like sarcophagus, shabti, hieroglyphs, and canopic. She remembered all these words and so much detail of what you have been covering in class. What interesting material and what a fantastic experience you give our children, thank you."



-Visiting Guest at the deYoung 


"This was one of the most thoughtful events to see children's art displayed!"


Art Kids Corte Madera and san Francisco


(Our Daughter) had such an incredible two weeks.

...Holy cow-she LOVE LOVE LOVED both camps. Your teaching, facilitating love, respect for individuality in art and genuine enthusiasm is so felt by our little girl. She adores you and Anna. We got the play-by play each day at pick up and again at the supper table. She looked forward to every part of each week. Thank you. Really. really.

When I picked her up on Friday, she began to cry as we were pulling away. "I'm gonna miss them, Mama."

"Who, Honey, the girls in camp?"

"NOOOO-Teacher Lauren and Teacher Anna! When can I come back?!"

What else does a Mama want?





Art Classes Corte Madera Kids
Art Lessons Corte Madera and San Francisco

"There is just no other program like ARTifact. Anywhere. This is how ART and academics are meant to dance. "




ARTifact on display at the deYoung

February 2016

 Happy 95th birthday, Wayne Thiebaud! ARTifact students collaborate with the deYoung to honor the life and work of Wayne Thiebaud. 

art kids san francisco

(Our son) loved his time with Meridith and Anna on Tuesday afternoons. He quickly decided it was the best day of the week and came home with bright eyes, a happy heart and singing himself to sleep. Thank you. It's the first after school activity that he has truly loved and has helped him further explore his passions in art with an entwined bonus of history!

Anna and Meridith were amazing instructors! Full of knowledge, energy, kindness and encouragement. Top notch.

Thank you for creating an amazing art studio and programs for the children. We are the fortunate beneficiaries!


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art classes kids san francisco
ARTifact Chirp

 I am so amazed by how much (my son) has discovered a joy for art and the creative process!

He absolutely loves going to Artifact and says he wishes he could go everyday.

Simply wanted to say thank you for creating such an impactful learning environment for him.


Screen Shot 2021-05-06 at 3.25.30 PM.png

"You are really doing a full Yves Klein experience with the children.

What a great idea and wonderful gift for them.

This is truly an enrichment in their lives.

All my love to the children!"

-Rotraut Klein-Moquay

(Artist, Performer, Wife of Yves Klein)

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