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For now, we are pausing registration

We are not doing summer camps this year, but no need to worry. Our little magic place is not folding. The Pandemic has been one giant Alpha lab for all of us; an opportunity to rethink and put the pieces together in new and creative ways that make sense. It's a call to action that mirrors, at our core, who we are and what ARTifact is all about: building things creatively, consciously, and innovating to meet our changing world. 

Sometimes creative innovation requires a scattering of energy: a Jackson Pollock splattering of ideas. That was definitely us at times during the Pandemic. Other times, creative innovation works best when our focus isn't scattered. This is where we are at right now. We are taking the Summer off  in order to fully focus on putting our pieces together in a new way so ARTifact can continue to make our world even more creative.

As we do this, we return to our roots and remind ourselves:

It all starts with an idea. The idea grows. Beyond our canvas and beyond our walls. Into the world. If we have the courage to pause our paint brushes, step back, and wait for the bigger picture to come into focus, the journey becomes a work of heART. 


Thank you so much for your continued support as we try our idea and put our pieces together a bit differently. We are excited to share the future ARTifact with you in Fall, 2022.

Please bear with us as we grow through this next phase. 



Peace, love, ART,

Lauren and all of us at ARTifact